The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

How 'bout Charlottesville?

So, we've been playing around Charlottesville, but not in it for the last year or so. Last time we played in the 'ville was at Rivals, and it's time to try it again. Jerome Cherry is the proud new owner at Deuce's Lounge (formerly The Outback Lodge) and he's a tall skinny dude with dreds and a cowboy hat that's wants a good country band to play in his upstairs room.

Gary stopped in, gave Jerome a CD. A phone call or two later and we're booked. We'll be there the Friday before Thanksgiving, hope to see y'all there.

Two weeks ago we played at The Doogwood in Palmyra, and all agreed, we need to go back. We had a great time, as did all the beautiful ladies shaking their stuff. We are working on booking another date at The Dogwood. I'll let you know when we get that squared away.

Thanks for reading everybody!
IHR drummer and manager.