The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Ice House Road, Wrapping up 2013

Hey fans, haters, groupies, family, friends, random blog readers, booking agents,

2013 has been the busiest year Ice House Road has had yet. Here's a short list of stuff accomplished this year:

  1. We got excited about the new music we've created
  2. We spent several months recording this new music at Cat Room Studios with Brian Craddock of Daughtry
  3. We played music at all five BLM Bull Rides in Gordonsville
  4. We got the new songs mixed and mastered by Kevin McKnoldy at C-phonic
  5. We got 500 copies of the CD!
  6. We got T-shirts made
  7. We got a band manager (Karen Allison, call or email her to book IHR (540)250-1242)
  8. We played several shows at  our favorite places: Beer Hound Brewery, Court Cafe and Pub, the Dogwood Cafe and more.
  9. We returned to Sunrise Ranch for their Labor Day Hoe down
  10. We played our first ever gig in Waynesboro at The Heritage
  11. Karen got us booked for some cool gigs at Shenandoah Crossing Resort
  12. We ordered more shirts
  13. Our CD got some good reviews, including one from Africa!
  14. Oh yeah, we got a new website.
  15. We got a bank account
  16. We are "this close" to having our stuff available on iTunes and all other digital interweb music sources
  17. We moved, well half the band moved. Rob to Roanoke (Lookout Roanoke, Rob is scouting out possible places for us to come and invade your ear holes) and Bobby moved out of his house (it's for rent right now if anybody's interested).
  18. IHR practice gear is now at J.R's house (his wife is not happy about this)
  19. Karen got us booked at a place called the Blue Toad on Afton Mountain the Saturday after Christmas.
  20. Karen got us our biggest New Year's Eve party gig yet.
Gary is responsible for approximately 100% of the band's business efforts, he's put forth herculean efforts to get us studio time, our music mastered, CD's shirts, and koozies ordered, found us a manager, got us a bank account, and is doing all the pain in the ass work to get our stuff on iTines.

We've got plans to grow the band big time in 2014, stay tuned.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

Ice House Road has been way to busy to keep up this blog, but for you folks checking back here everyday hoping to catch up on what's new with Ice House Road, now you finally have something new to read!

First of all you should know that we have a new website, it's called

You should check it out for bios of the band, the History of Ice House Road, pictures, CD reviews, and more to come in the near future.

The CD has been selling well, encouraging reviews are coming in, and we are booking more gigs. We are hoping for a big increase in awareness of, and demand for Ice House Road in 2014. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your enemies that we are available for booking, but to book soon because our calendar is filling up fast.

Wondering how to book us? All you have to do is contact our manager Karen at her email or phone number:

You may also be wondering how to get your hands on our new CD "The More You Drink, The Better We Sound" It's for sale at all of our shows, along with official Bull Shirts. You'll also be able to download it soon from all the places music is available. Details to be announced soon. I gotta say though, you should get the actual CD since it has two accoustic bonus songs that won't be going online.

You can also check out the "Three Things" blog if you give a shit about what Ice House Road's drummer Adam "J.R." Stoffel has to say about; life, family, music, farts, and deep thoughts. Here's his blog:
That's it for now, check back for updates, and come out to see us!

Ice House Road

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We're Back!

Ice House Road - Recording and a gig!

That's right, we're back!

To say it's been a little while since we last updated you on the goings on of our little outlaw band is like saying you gotta be a touch crazy to ride a bull. Uhh, yeah, sorry about that.

Instead of playing other people's songs every weekend and burning ourselves out, we've been nurturing our creative side and coming up with new original songs. In addition to the 4 original songs we threw down on "Outlaw Band" we have 5 more we are quite proud of, and ready to record. Also, we took that little Bull Riding number Bobby did solo on "Outlaw Band" and spiced it up with the rest of the band. You are going to love it!

We've been ignoring most songs written by other bands, and working hard to make these new songs of ours really, really good. So good in fact that we think we are ready to go into the studio with them.

We just can't squelch our desire to play them for people though, so we are going to hang out at the Beer Hound Brewery in Ruckersville for a few hours on Saturday February 16th, and play them all for you.

That's right, live music and great beer in Greene County, c'mon out and join us!


Where: Beer Hound Brewery, next to Rangeland on Rt 29 just south of Sheetz

When: Saturday February 16, 8-11pm

How Much: $5 cover

So join us, bring a friend, grab a beer, sit down, stand up, dance, and have a great time!

See you there.