The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

Ice House Road has been way to busy to keep up this blog, but for you folks checking back here everyday hoping to catch up on what's new with Ice House Road, now you finally have something new to read!

First of all you should know that we have a new website, it's called

You should check it out for bios of the band, the History of Ice House Road, pictures, CD reviews, and more to come in the near future.

The CD has been selling well, encouraging reviews are coming in, and we are booking more gigs. We are hoping for a big increase in awareness of, and demand for Ice House Road in 2014. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your enemies that we are available for booking, but to book soon because our calendar is filling up fast.

Wondering how to book us? All you have to do is contact our manager Karen at her email or phone number:

You may also be wondering how to get your hands on our new CD "The More You Drink, The Better We Sound" It's for sale at all of our shows, along with official Bull Shirts. You'll also be able to download it soon from all the places music is available. Details to be announced soon. I gotta say though, you should get the actual CD since it has two accoustic bonus songs that won't be going online.

You can also check out the "Three Things" blog if you give a shit about what Ice House Road's drummer Adam "J.R." Stoffel has to say about; life, family, music, farts, and deep thoughts. Here's his blog:
That's it for now, check back for updates, and come out to see us!

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