The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Songs, a crazy party, and some cool gigs coming up

Hey y'all,

So, Ice House Road has been staying busy, in many ways thanks to Billie Joe Morris, Tiffany Wagner, Ellis, and friends. Thanks for throwing another party and having us provide the entertainment. Although I must say, you all were pretty entertaining yourselves. Tiffany W's cop costume and Billie's Danica Patrick costume were both breathtaking. I can't get those images out of my head, and I don't want to.

The cops were called twice for loud noise. Can you believe people called the police on us? Well, we are an Outlaw Band (sorry for the lame joke). The cop was cool though, and we got to play every song we wanted to play, so no problem.

We are really looking forward to Deuce's Lounge in Charlottesville on November 11, damn, that's less than two weeks away! Should be a great show, in a nice new club with a decent stage and sound system.

We've recently learned some new songs, and they frickin' rock! If you like "Good ol' Mountain Dew" you'll love our rendition of "Rocky Top." We've also added covers of the best Tom Petty song ever, two great Warren Zevon songs, and a brand new Ice House Original, "Cowboy Code."

And to finish off 2010, we'll be rockin' it up at The Dogwood in Palmyra on New Year's Eve.

Want some non music related news regarding Ice House Road? Here you go:

Bobby Sims is heading out to Kansas this week to teach a Bull fighting school. How cool is that? And the proceeds go to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness, right on. Save the tatas!

I saw a cool bumper sticker the other day, it said "Real Musicians Have Day Jobs." I resemble that remark (at least as much as a drummer can resemble a musician). You probably realize that Ice House Road has not yet reached the point where any of us can quit our day jobs. So, wanna know what we do when we aren't playing music? Read on...

Bobby is a Ferrier, so if you've got a horse needing footwork, he's your man. Gary, Rob, and Adam all work at Crutchfield. Rob's been there over ten years, Adam's been there over 14 years, and Gary's the new kid on the block having been there almost two years now.

We all work in the Sales department, so if you find yourself wanting to purchase something electronic, head on over to, and give us a call. We answer the phones and emails. We can help you figure out which TV, car stereo, camera, GPS, Blu-ray, etc to get for yourself, or as a Christmas gift.

Below you'll find links to our Bios on Crutchfield:

Adam (my nickname is "J.R.")

Rob (Lyle)

Gary (Gary)

Thanks for reading, and let me just remind you that we are available for your musical pleasure. IF you'd like to book us, send us an email at

Check us out on the web at

Adam J.R. Stoffel
Drummer and Manager

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