The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Two Shows in One Weekend

Hey their IHR fans, new and old!

We made a lot of new friends this weekend at both Wild Wing Cafe on Friday night and the Court Cafe and Pub in Louisa on Saturday. Wild Wing was a a fill in gig, another band bailed out and we got the call to play. Somehow it got put in The Hook's calendar, and some nice folks showed up looking for music they could dance to. Some folks from "Swing C'ville" brought some sweet moves and danced the whole night, too cool!

Saturday night was a new experience for IHR. We finally found a club that wanted to stay open till 2:00 instead of all these namby pamby establishments that close at 1:00. We played 4 sets of music at the Court Cafe and Pub in Louisa and loved every minute of it. Plenty of dancing going there as well, just not quite as coordinated as the Swing C'ville folks the night before.

Saturday night was such a success that we got two more dates booked for the Court Cafe and Pub. April 23rd and June 4th (see you there).

We got an interesting compliment Saturday night from Sandy, owner of the Court Cafe and Pub. She had listened to our CD that Gary had given her when we booked this particular gig, but after hearing us play that night she told me we were way better than what's on that CD. Now, I thought our CD was pretty darn good, at least for a freshmen effort, but it has been almost a year since we recorded it, and I guess we've come a long way.

So, if you want some kick ass music you can dance to at your next party, give me a call, send me an email, grab me at one of our upcoming shows and book us! You'll get more that you bargained for, I promise you.

Later people,
Adam Stoffel
Drummer and manager
(434) 566-8376

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