The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound
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Friday, February 21, 2014

New song, new PA, Auditions, and getting the word out!

Hey all,

How about an Ice House Road update.

Ice House Road is now spread out more than ever. It used to be that all three members of Ice House Road lived within 5 minutes of each other. Now, there's four of us, and we all live at least an hour away from one another. As you can imagine, this has lowered the frequency of our practice times. We are hoping to get back into a routine of regular practice. Gary and Bobby have been working on a new song that should capture the essence of a cowboy sitting on the back of a big ass bull and getting ready to nod his head. Raally looking forward to working this song out, Ice House Road style.

We have a new PA system, well, new speakers at least. I am so happy not to have to lug the old EV speakers around anymore. Those worn out speakers have been with us at almost every gig since the beginning, which means they've been covered in dust many times over from bull rides all over the state. The new system sounds much better, and we now have subwoofers!

Having good music, and a halfway decent PA system is only part of having quality sound at gigs, we are definitely in need of a good sound man. We don't regularly play at places where the PA and sound man are provided, at least not yet. So, we lug our own stuff around, set it up, do a sound check, and then we play. The problem is we need somebody to man the mixer while we play to adjust and make sure the system is loud and most importantly, clear. So, if you are interested in working with us, or if you know of a soundman looking for work, please put him or her in touch with us.

As you may know, we had what we believe was a pretty kick-ass preliminary audition for America's Got Talent last month in North Carolina. We have not yet heard back from them, and really, chances are pretty slim we'll get the call. After all, there's thousands of people that have auditioned across the country, and the producers can only chose about a thousand or so to actually audition for the judges on TV. So, we are keeping our fingers crossed, and of course, looking for other opportunities to get Ice House Road's name and music out to more people.

Wouldn't it be awesome if Ice House Road was playing music at a summer festival or two? Maybe opening for a national act at The Jefferson, headlining a Friday's After Five? We think so too. We are making calls, sending emails, and reaching out to anyone we can. If you have any contacts that might be interested in some Ice House Road, please send them our way,

Thanks for being fans, reading this blog, and supporting us. Remember Ice House Road is available on iTunes and every digital music source you can find on the web. And one week from tonight, you'll find us at The Dogwood in Palmyra, hope to see you there.


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