The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Beautiful Night in Gordonsville

Wow, what a show, what a bull ride, what a crowd, what a night!

Once again Ice House Road opened the show for the BLM Bull Ride in Gordonsville Virginia, and everything went off without a hitch. Our stage was much closer to the audience this time, so our little sound system was able to cover the crown with the melodic sounds of Bobby's singing, Rob's bass, Gary's guitar, and me on the drums.

We debuted a new song tonight, "Cowboy Code" written by Bobby Sims and his good friend Myles Herring. We got off to a shaky start but the new song quickly pulled itself together. The crowd really seemed to love IHR originals "Woman Done Left Me," "Outlaw Band," and "Beer Drinking Hippie." All of which you can listen to on, and of course, on our debut CD which is now available at The Music Store in Ruckersville.

We also sold some CDs at the show, not quite as much as we wanted, but I think we got people's interest, so, anybody that didn't get one tonight, bring an extra $7 bucks with you next time.

The weather forecast had us worried as late as Friday evening there was a 60% chance of precipitation. We had the tarps ready, but the rain finished up early Saturday morning, and the rest of the day turned out to be the nicest weather we've ever had at the bull ride. 85 degrees, sunny, breezy, and beautiful. Bid shout out to the man upstairs for the support!

The good vibes continued on into the bull ride. Cowboys rode their bulls like I've never seen before, nobody got hauled off in an ambulance, the sound system worked, the timing of the whole show was tight, Butter Bean was funny, pretty women on fast horses were prettier and faster than usual, and Blaine Whip rocked an 86 point ride to finish it off.

Can't wait to do it again in August, see y'all there. And as usual, if you need a band for your next party, wedding, or any other kind of event. We realize that nobody's got the budget for a band, but you might be surpises how cheap we'll work. Call me or email me and we can work something out. (434) 566-8376

Check ya' later,
Ice House Road

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