The More You Drink, The Better We Sound

The More You Drink, The Better We Sound
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A private party, a West Virginia Hoe Down, a Fall Festival, and a Bull Ride, and we still want more!

So, Ice House Road has been a little busy these past couple of weeks. Since Gary Hawthorne joined us in our quest to concquer the Outlaw Music World, we've mostly played hour long gigs at Bull Rides, until two weeks ago that is. We played for three and a half hours at Billie Joe Morris's birthday party in Greene Acres and had a great time. The people were great, the burgers and dogs were great, and everybody seemed to enjoy some good old rockin' outlaw music. We were finally able to let our hair down and see what we could do without having to stay family friendly and confined to only an hour of playing time. It was really the kind of gig we needed. Thanks so much to Tiffany Wagner and Ellis for inviting us to the party.

The following weekend we played another party in West Virginia. The 5th annual Sun Rise Ranch Labor Day Wekend Hoe Down. And once again, we brought the house down. Loads of fun, for us, and the great people at the Hoe Down. Thanks to Kris Jackson for booking us last year, this year, and pre-booking us for Labor Day 2011! As much fun as we had making music, the highlight of the evening was our roadie, Chester "Roadie Butthole" Hensley wrestling a steer to the ground. You almost had that bonus bull buddy.

And on September 11, Ice house road did somethine we've never done before, played two gigs in one day. At noon we took the stage at the Taste of Falls Church Fall Festival at Cherry Hill Park in Falls Church Virginia. Then we hightailed it down to Gordonsville for the last Proud American Tour BLM Bull Ride at Oakland Heights Farm for 2010. The rain held off, the crowd was big, and the bulls were extra rank. Also, we showed off just how good we can sound. Thanks to all the folks involved with BLM that keep asking us back, looking forward to seeing you all again at the BLM Bull Ride at the State Fair in a couple of weeks.

Many of you probably have a copy of our CD, "Outlaw Band." We've distributed a pretty huge chunk of the 500 discs we had printed. A special thanks to all that purchased a disc or two. We really appreciate your support, please feel free to spread the word far and wide. Play the disc for your friends, give away your copy after you put it on yourt iPod, buy another one as a gift for a friend.

I'd like to remind everybody that we'd love to play music for you at your party, your favorite restaurant, bar, or club, and of course if you happen to own a stadium or arena, and a huge sound system, we might consider playing music for you and a few thousand of your closest friends. So please keep spreading the word and we'll keep rocking!., You can book Ice House Road simply by emailing us at

See y'all
Ice House Road

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